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It's Snowing in SnoVille !!


And, yes, we are open for business !! If you wish to go visit the streets just go "thru" the round window further down the page.

It is snowing in SnoVille but you won’t feel the cold. While you are here, we sure would like for you to sign the guestbook so we will have a record of your visit. You can click on it here or you can find it in the navigation drop box along with all the other desinations in SnoVille.

I ask that you not take any of the graphics on my personal pages in SnoVille and Babbit's Garden. I have graphics available at Sno's Studio (formerly known as Graphix by *snogirl). The link is on the navigation drop box below or click on the small "Welcome to SnoVille" symbol just below if it doesn't work for you. The names I use for the streets are property of SnoVille in the manner in which they are spelled or worded. If you find something here that you just can't live without, e-mail me and maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement. Thank you for your cooperation.


SnoVille has been closed for business due to my server having problems with the volume of traffic or some such and moved things then sort of illiminated SnoVille. The rest of my sites have been OK but due to health problems, I just haven't made an effort to get the pages back until now. Sno's Studio will be on a separate Domain but will still be linked here. As I try to get everything back together, I will do some more remodelling of SnoVille and try to add more streets. You might want to check back in from time to time to see how it's going. See you all later!


Let it Snow!
Let it Snow!
Let it snow!

Enter Windoe
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