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Welcome to the SnoVille's Village Square. The SnoFolk and *snogirl have been very busy tearing down the old village square and putting up a new one. They will be adding more things as time goes on but they wanted to go ahead and move into the new buildings.

It looks like Dennis Sno is coming to the square while Bo Sno has been to get a tree to decorate for his new home. Oscar Sno must be on his way to the bakery for a snocake. They are a favorite in SnoVille. Hey, it looks like Babbit has been doing some of his Christmas shopping. I wonder who it is going to.

Aren't you getting a little curious about what is one the other side of the Square? I am, let's go take a look. Just click on the big blue snoflake and we will get there right away but watch out for that traffic. There are sure a lot of people in town today.

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