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Welcome to the other side of the Square. There has been major building on the other side of the square too. All new stores for the SnoFolk and their visitors to shop in. You'll find a bakery where they get those delicious SnoCakes. There is a Candy Store, a Toy Store and the Village Square Emporium. It looks like Ralph Sno has been there shopping today. Good thing he brought his fancy antique car with the polished chrome trim and red leather seats to carry all that stuff home. I wonder if Mrs. Annie Sno is taking her kids to the Toy Store. Chuck and Greta Sno are out with their sleigh shopping. Doesn't that just look like the most fun.

UPDATE: The merchants on the Other Side of the Square wish to announce that the Toy Store and The SnoVille Bakery are now open for visitors to "shoppe". Please feel free to drop in and join the SnoFolk while shopping for goodies and toys. To enter the stores, just click on each building and the "door" will open. Have fun!



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