Head Shop

Any Store Containing Cannabis and Cannabis-Related Brands is a Head Shop

It is obvious that many smokers get their cannabis and cannabis-related brands from any store that sells it instead of going to a head shop. Many of them don’t know that head shops are the most excellent place to get legalized cannabis, cannabis accessories, tobacco, products related to the culture of cannabis, as well as related countercultures. This write-up is to let every smoker or cannabis user to know that when they see any store that is concentrating in paraphernalia utilized for the using up of tobacco and cannabis, as well as cannabis accessories, they should absolutely know that it is a head shop.

These head shops are all over the world at this present time, after cannabis has been legalized, especially in Canada. They came out from the hippie counterculture during the late 60s, and just then a lot of them got close lashes to the associations in the weed legalization movement such as Amorphia, LeMar, as well as the Nationwide Association for the Reorganization of Cannabis Laws. In addition, another way head shop can be defined is a store that is specializing in items such as roach clips as well as hashish pipes of concentration to people that makes use of the drug.

Most dispensaries that are up to date at this present time stock a broad assortment of paraphernalia, in no doubt. On the other hand, as it comes to operating as embassies for the culture of cannabis, they cannot go with the city’s most excellent head shops, which permit unhurried discussions and watchful shopping in a manner that is not possible at a shop where you know there’re additional individuals waiting tolerantly within an area with magazines. Some of the head shops include:

  • 82nd Ave. Tobacco and Pipe: Having the anticipation of a mass of stoner publications close to the door, not one hint of the counterculture affiliated with weed before validation is put on the show at 82nd Ave. Tobacco and Pipe.
  • House of Pipes: The first and most important bong store is the House of Pipes. Not one out of the numerous consumers who rolled via the Northeast Broadway position on a visit did greatly as a glimpse at the cases to the left even as he or she rapidly copped cigarettes and left, which is an ignominy considering how different this shops assortment of glassware is.
  • Mary Jane’s Glass House: This confined succession of glassware stores may possibly be the contiguous analog smokers will discover to Ye Olde Bong Shoppe within the college settlement where smokers used up the improved section of his or her 20s, however, that is surely not to its dishonor.
  • NVS Glassworks: The founder of NVS, Josh Bergman made out precisely what he wished for getting from the get-go – an uncontaminated and stylish shop giving high-end glassware for weed users of every strip.
Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture – A Brief History

While many of the hallmarks of cannabis culture – such as the green leaf insignia, the psychedelic music, and mind-melting artwork – can sometimes seem static, its evolution is mostly defined by a few cultural flashpoints.

Before becoming a term to describe sensitive millennials with beards and skinny jeans, the world “hipster” was originally coined to describe people who would define their dress sense, music taste, and use of slang through 1940s jazz culture. This flashpoint in cannabis culture made the commonly derided substance part of a new definition of anti-establishment cool.

This flashpoint in cannabis culture morphed slightly by the next decade when writers like Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg would give rise to the term “the beat generation”, spawning a new generation of so-called “beatniks”, who smoked weed as part of the same inclination that would have them reciting poetry in coffee shops.

Then came the 1960s and the rise of the hippy, when the prospect of being drafted into the war in Vietnam put the entire nation on edge. Marijuana remained the drug of choice, only now psychedelic drugs were featured quite heavily as well.

With the 1970s came disco and cannabis was to come extent taking a back-seat to cocaine. This continued right through the 80s; people were still smoking up, it just wasn’t quite as readily permeating the culture.

Don’t call it a comeback – cannabis culture made something of resurgence in the 1990s as the rise of hip hop celebrated marijuana as blatantly as any scene had before, with some of the most influential acts presenting weed as part of their identity. The resulting sound followed suit – with lush and laid back production that practically begged the listener to spark up.

This new century presents the latest and quite possibly the most substantial evolution of cannabis culture. The increased legalization and resulting innovation is at this very moment establishing what smoking up means in the digital age…


When is the Right Time to Invest in Cannabis Stocks?

The cannabis stocks have off late created a lot of buzz in the stock market, for all the good reasons of course. The industry is expected to reach a whopping $21.6 billion by 2021, according to ArcView Market Research. Despite its illegal nature in the eyes of the Federal Government, it is successful in inviting a lot of market attention. Investors are optimistic about the future of the industry, and hence, a lot of new investors want to try their hands on this business. The legalization of cannabis in Canada has just added more to this optimistic outlook. While the cannabis industry is still in its infant stages, one can get on the ride to benefit out of its potential boom and busts.

However, is it the correct time to invest in these stocks or shall we wait for the best time? To be honest, there is no right time to invest as such. Furthermore, before deciding whether to go ahead with the investment or not, one must rely on valid company documents and proper market study. Taking the right decision with the right sources available is extremely important. To help you out with this decision, let’s analyze the pros and cons of investing in cannabis stocks.


  • Owing to federal regulations, banks may not easily provide capital to the cannabis ventures. This is an opportunity for the stock market to take the lead and make the most money out of it.
  • As more and more countries legalize cannabis, the effective losses in the home country are compensated by investing overseas.
  • Cannabis could be safely considered a recession-proof commodity, given its inelastic demand.
  • Apart from having economic benefits, cannabis also has various medicinal values which help in creating numerous revenue streams.


  • As the cannabis stocks are traded in OTC exchanges, so it could be difficult to obtain sufficient information in order to make a wise investment decision.
  • Although cannabis is illegal federally, the government still taxes you on the revenues generated which are as high as 70 percent (compared to current 21 percent corporation tax).
  • Without proper regulation, these stocks may also be targeted by fraudsters who lure the potential investors with false and misleading statements.
  • As the cannabis market is thoroughly fragmented, each country has their own set of regulations to be followed. This makes trading difficult for the investors.
  • As banks don’t get involved in this business, transactions are settled mainly in cash, making it vulnerable to frauds.

No investment in this world is considered risk-free. After all, the risk is the driving force behind making more money by investing little money. However, deciding in which stock to invest in and when a significant role plays in the future flow of income. One must take into account the various potential risks and weigh them with the potential risk rewards while deciding their portfolio. Only then, can we essentially reap the benefits of a right booming market, as in the case of cannabis.


Top Five Successful Cannabis Business Ideas

As the societal attitude towards the use of cannabis is changing every day, it also brings along substantial business opportunities in cannabis and its related products. The cannabis industry has exploded in scope as more and more states are bringing it under the legal purview. The industry is expected to reach a whopping $21.6 billion by 2021. With such tremendous growth potential, many cannabis enthusiasts are showing interest in starting cannabis ventures.


Although this industry has a long way to go to establish itself among the prominent ones, one can take advantage of the growth cycle and make some extra money by staying invested for a long run. Apart from the main business, cannabis ventures are certainly possible in the ancillary sectors surrounding the prime business. If you are looking to take advantage of this opportunity and start a cannabis-themed business of your own, here is a list of five promising cannabis business ideas:


  1. Cannabis Production

The best way to start a cannabis business venture with limited investment is by cultivating the same. The industry is set to boom with the legalization and potential growth prospects, making it the most valuable investment of the time! Although it may sound simple, growing cannabis is not an easy task to do. A number of factors are at play which needs to be emphasized before starting off. These include:


  • Sufficient nutrients in the proper NPK ratio usually provided via fertilizers.
  • Adequate lighting
  • Optimal watering frequency to maintain growth
  • The Ideal level of humidity, etc.


  1. Cannabis Dispensary

Opening a cannabis dispensary is an obvious option as the plant has got various medicinal benefits. Cannabis can helps in to reduce the nausea, chronicle pain and muscle spasms. To get started with, one should gather knowledge about the existing licensing norms and selecting a location best suitable for the purpose.


  1. Technology Developer

Technology in running today’s businesses is as important as providing capital. Both new as well as established ventures have to upgrade their machines, develop apps or create customer friendly software to remain a part of the race. With the growing popularity of cannabis ventures, more and more people would like to invest and make the profit via various online platforms. Hence, there seems a greater demand for software developers who can keep running these ventures smoothly.


  1. Cannabis Consulting Services

Many people are attracted towards the cannabis industry, but not everyone is that skilled to have all the knowledge about the potential pitfalls and strategies emerging out of it. As the industry is still set to grow, it becomes difficult to understand all of its aspects. Thus, starting a cannabis consulting venture could prove to be quite useful for people looking to reap the potential gains out of it.


  1. Cannabis Delivery Services

Starting a cannabis delivery service is an excellent alternative to the traditional route of dispensary services. With the changing technology, people prefer goods to be delivered to their doorstep without charging them much. This field has got the immense potential for cannabis industry as there are very less competition and high chances of establishing a profitable venture.