Is There a Connection Between High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction?

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High blood pressure is a strong indicator of erectile dysfunction and can reduce the amount of blood flow, making it difficult to attain or maintain an erection. It is caused by hypertension, a condition where the walls of the arteries are too narrow for enough blood flow to reach the penis. Cardiovascular disease is also linked to ED as this can damage or block the arteries and veins that carry blood to and from your penis.

Low testosterone, which is a primary sex hormone responsible for hormonal sexual interest in men, can also be associated with ED as it helps regulate blood vessel dilation and contraction. To maintain a strong erection, there needs to be enough blood flow in order for the penis muscles to relax which allows more oxygen-rich blood into it resulting in an erection. Without adequate amounts of this oxygen-rich supply of blood, erectile dysfunction may occur leading to difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Treatment options like alprostadil for sale can be extremely helpful when you are looking to deal with symptoms of ED. 

Chronic high blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the main medical conditions that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure has a direct impact on the health of your blood vessels and heart, leading to conditions like coronary heart disease and even stroke. If left untreated, this condition can also lead to kidney disease and heart failure. When there is a lack of proper flow in your body due to hypertension or other medical conditions, this can affect the amount of oxygen-rich blood flowing throughout your body.

This can have a direct effect on your erectile function. In fact, it is estimated that up to 75% of men with erectile dysfunction have hypertension. High blood pressure can cause additional damage to the blood vessels in the penis, leading to decreased erectile function. In order to reduce these problems, antihypertensive drugs like thiazide diuretics are often prescribed. These drugs help reduce hypertension and improve cardiovascular health. However, they may also have an occasional side effect of reducing blood flow in your body as well, resulting in erection dysfunction or other sexual problems.

According to a study published in the European Heart Journal, there may be a link between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. As hypertension can potentially lead to heart problems, heart disease or even cardiovascular disease if left unchecked, it is possible that underlying heart problems can lead to erectile dysfunction. The primary cause of this connection is thought to be endothelial dysfunction in the blood vessels caused by hypertension. This restricted blood flow may make it difficult for men to achieve an erection and maintain it long enough for satisfying sexual activity. Those who are suffering from the symptoms of ED due to high blood pressure can consider options like alprostadil for sale to lead a normal life.

Medical experts as well as health experts agree that treating any underlying medical condition such as hypertension may help reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. When drugs used to treat high blood pressure are used with caution, they can successfully lower blood pressure but still allow adequate circulation throughout the body for an erection when necessary. However, when medications are overused or taken incorrectly, they could potentially …

Baring the Ugly Secret of Escorts in London

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London has a unique charm of its own that doesn’t fail to fascinate or awe you. If you are visiting London alone and you want company, there are many places to look for other people to spend time with. If you want to enjoy the pleasurable company of someone that will make onlookers jealous of you, then there are male and female escorts available. Yes, we are talking about high class escort, not a boulevard hookers or women who stick their cards in the telephone boxes across the city.

Miu Miu bag, high heel shoes, Marc Jacobs perfume, and top of the range smartphone are some of the things that you will instantly notice about a high class London escort. Some of them are so well groomed that they can give celebrities a run for their money.

Amidst the various controversies and legal trials, you will be surprised to find that the sex industry in London has been flourishing like never before. If you search the Internet, you will find a number of agencies offering London escorts for a commission. These women are not strictly confined to this business. They come from different walks of life and their profession may range from air stewardesses, models, and aerobics instructors to students and housewives.

Some of these agencies have thousands of escorts listed with them, and they also contain reviews by real clients to help you pick a dinner date or someone you would like to enjoy a short foreign trip. Read some of the reviews and you will get an idea about the standards maintained by the industry.

There’s one thing that really catches our attention and it’s that they never mention sex. If you call an agency they will ask you what you are looking for and recommend someone who would fit your purpose. You may either choose to visit the escort’s place or call them to your hotel room. At the hotel, you can discuss the financial terms. A typical high class escort will usually charge about £550 for the pleasure of dining with her. If you want to take things further, you will have to discuss the terms with her.

Interestingly, a large number of well-educated women from respectable families look at this highly secretive industry in London as a lucrative career option.  Where else do you get paid so high to be able to think of buying a house in Knightsbridge when you are just in your 20s?

So, do all London escorts have sex with their clients? Well, a high class escort in the London city told us that the ones who charge £800 per hour, and the ones who accompany clients to polo matches and opera will ultimately end up in bed with the client. So, sex is almost an inevitable part of this business. She even added that for most clients, it is a quick hour in the day time.

What do the agencies get for recommending these escorts? Well, most of the agencies get close to 30% of the pay as commission. They make the job sound like any other profession with pay rates, commission and contracts to sign.

A high class London escort says her job is like any other job she would do in the city. She has her rights and …

What Makes the BC Bud So Popular

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weed plantation

If you are from Canada, the legalization of marijuana is perhaps one of the reasons why you are proud of your roots. Since the use of weed both for medical and recreational purposes became prevalent, numerous brands became household names. If you ask any person from British Columbia (BC) what makes their homeland special, he will probably tell you BC Bud, infamous marijuana.

The open-minded enforcement of marijuana laws in the state, the diverse cultivation expertise, and a concentration of cannabis consumers have made these buds extremely popular in this part of the world. Besides being popular in the home country, these strains have earned a good reputation in the global community as well. Beginners often wonder how BC became home to some of the best cannabis strains in the world, and how it managed to achieve that status.

The History

Although the use of cannabis has become legalized only recently, this plant traces its roots back several years. Many people argue that the pot became popular possibly during the Vietnam War. Some of the draft objectors were given refuge in Canada, and out of the 30,000 people who relocated during that time, many people from Oregon, California and Washington came to BC. Today, you can buy BC Bud at almost every offline and online dispensary in countries that have legalized the use of marijuana.

In British Columbia, they found peaceful homes in the communities like Okanagan and the Fraser Valley. Here, they sowed the seeds to bring about a change in the future and nurture a new cannabis culture in the country. Interestingly, during the war times, the seeds came along with the migrants across the borders to find their roots in the diverse microclimates in the province.

In British Columbia, these plants found perfect and fertile conditions from the sandy condition in the Gulf Islands to the cool fertile area in Kootenay’s to thrive well. The cool fall conditions and long summer days help in encouraging the tall growth in these plants. Ample rainfall and fertile soil also augment the overall potency and yield.

The favorable condition also complements in expanding the cultivation community to lead to super strains in the area. These are God Bud and Island Sweet Skunk. These strains participated in numerous international competitions such as The Cannabis Cup, which helped them earn a lot of reputation. Today, the bond between cannabis and BC has become so profound that it has become as ever-present as the Florida Oranges.

The BC Mindset

If you look into the cultural mindset of British Columbians, they are believed to be extremely relaxed, chilled and laid back in nature. It is difficult to say whether the cannabis culture thrived due to this or this due to cannabis dominance in the province. Even today, BC ranks as one of the highest cultivators of cannabis and consumers too.

Reigning In Black Market

how a bc bud looksEven before marijuana became legalized in the country, these buds act like the seed for future British Columbian culture. Various strains were available through the black market. Although the black market did not have a good rapport, people turned to it to get their fix. In a 2006 study conducted by the University of Victoria, it was shown that the use of buds in BC is much higher than …

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