Technology Behind Time and Spend Management Software

A person holding a tablet and laptop is on the table

Source: NAAHQ

Different automated time and spend management software runs on different technology. Of course you want to choose the software that is best for the needs of your organization. What kind of technology should you be on the lookout for to make sure that you have the best software for your organization’s need? Web-based software allows employees to access the expense reporting system wherever they are, whenever they need it. It also eliminates the need for downtime for loading software onto computers and integrating the new software into existing systems. 

Firewalls and secure data systems ensure that all your organization’s sensitive financial information stays protected. It is important to change passwords regularly in order to make sure that records remain secure. The system can be set to ensure that the passwords that employees choose are secure enough to adequately protect information. Different employees need different levels of security and an automated system can take care of this. Secure encryption ensures that even though your information is stored online it will be out of the reach of hackers and others who may try to defraud your company. 

Compatibility issues with different web browsers can be a problem with certain web-based software. In order to prevent this it is important that employees be informed what browser needs to be loaded on to their system in order for the time and spend management software to work. As an additional help the software can be set to send emails to the IT department so that if any employees do run into problems using the web-based software the IT department will be able to quickly solve the issue. 

Outside of the help that your IT department provides, the software provider needs to offer helpdesk services. It is a good idea to check on the service record of the software provider before investing in the software. Ideally the turnover for problems being solved should be under 24 hours. 

If your organization already has an existing spend management system in place you will want to be able to import information from the old system into the new one. This should not be a hard process and you should check to see that the file type used by the old system is compliant with your new time and spend management software. One of the most common file formats is CSV and this format allows for the importation process to be completed very quickly. 

Scalability is another important consideration. You do not need a corporation size software system if you are just a small business, but you also want the software to be able to grow as your company grows. The ability to network a scanner to the system makes it easy for employees to scan in additional information for expense reports or records in general. 

Before you chose an automated expense and time management system it is important to make sure that the software has the necessary technology in order to meet your company’s needs both now and in the future.