What Makes the BC Bud So Popular

Thursday , 5, January 2023 Comments Off on What Makes the BC Bud So Popular

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If you are from Canada, the legalization of marijuana is perhaps one of the reasons why you are proud of your roots. Since the use of weed both for medical and recreational purposes became prevalent, numerous brands became household names. If you ask any person from British Columbia (BC) what makes their homeland special, he will probably tell you BC Bud, infamous marijuana.

The open-minded enforcement of marijuana laws in the state, the diverse cultivation expertise, and a concentration of cannabis consumers have made these buds extremely popular in this part of the world. Besides being popular in the home country, these strains have earned a good reputation in the global community as well. Beginners often wonder how BC became home to some of the best cannabis strains in the world, and how it managed to achieve that status.

The History

Although the use of cannabis has become legalized only recently, this plant traces its roots back several years. Many people argue that the pot became popular possibly during the Vietnam War. Some of the draft objectors were given refuge in Canada, and out of the 30,000 people who relocated during that time, many people from Oregon, California and Washington came to BC. Today, you can buy BC Bud at almost every offline and online dispensary in countries that have legalized the use of marijuana.

In British Columbia, they found peaceful homes in the communities like Okanagan and the Fraser Valley. Here, they sowed the seeds to bring about a change in the future and nurture a new cannabis culture in the country. Interestingly, during the war times, the seeds came along with the migrants across the borders to find their roots in the diverse microclimates in the province.

In British Columbia, these plants found perfect and fertile conditions from the sandy condition in the Gulf Islands to the cool fertile area in Kootenay’s to thrive well. The cool fall conditions and long summer days help in encouraging the tall growth in these plants. Ample rainfall and fertile soil also augment the overall potency and yield.

The favorable condition also complements in expanding the cultivation community to lead to super strains in the area. These are God Bud and Island Sweet Skunk. These strains participated in numerous international competitions such as The Cannabis Cup, which helped them earn a lot of reputation. Today, the bond between cannabis and BC has become so profound that it has become as ever-present as the Florida Oranges.

The BC Mindset

If you look into the cultural mindset of British Columbians, they are believed to be extremely relaxed, chilled and laid back in nature. It is difficult to say whether the cannabis culture thrived due to this or this due to cannabis dominance in the province. Even today, BC ranks as one of the highest cultivators of cannabis and consumers too.

Reigning In Black Market

how a bc bud looksEven before marijuana became legalized in the country, these buds act like the seed for future British Columbian culture. Various strains were available through the black market. Although the black market did not have a good rapport, people turned to it to get their fix. In a 2006 study conducted by the University of Victoria, it was shown that the use of buds in BC is much higher than anywhere else in the province. It appears that a large part of Canadian black-market production is based in British Columbia.

From the time when the black market reigned the industry to now when the use of weed has become legalized, the rich history of BC Bud with this the plant has positioned the province as a pot nexus in the country. The perfect conditions of climate, location, and political landscape have come together to create a favorable environment for industry advancement.

What Does The Future Hold?

Even today BC continues to grow as well as consume the highest amount of cannabis in the country. People of the province are also extremely comfortable with the inclusion of this culture in their infrastructure and lifestyle. As the political and cultural views focus on this further, BC hopes to come forwards as a model that shows a thriving legal industry in Canada.

Luckily, the Canadian government realized the need to legalize cannabis and now you can get the strains legally from various traditional and online dispensaries spread across the country. We prefer to buy cannabis online because it gives you the advantage of reading the complete product description and placing your order from home.

Although the modern online dispensaries offer a wide selection of strains to choose from, the buds from BC have not lost their significance.