Why Bubblers Are an Amazing Tool for Cannabis Users

Bubbler Pipe Canada

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Those who are used to smoking weed would know that not all pipes are the same. Some are better than others in one way or the other. Simple glass spoons are great for beginners and they deliver an amazing smoking experience that any smoker would desire. However, a marijuana enthusiast will not take much time to start longing for an elevated weed experience. There are times when you need the ease of use and convenience of a hand pipe along with the filtration and perfection a bong provides. This is where bubblers come into the picture. Let us discuss some interesting things about bubbler pipes.

The Working of Bubblers

A bubbler pipe generally has more height than a normal spoon as it provides a downstem that goes from the bowl to the chamber to be able to deliver water filtration. As you take hits from a bubbler, the smoke moves to the chamber where it is filtered and cooled. While a bong collects the smoke as you hit, a bubbler starts delivering it as soon as you inhale. There are bubblers that come with carb caps to let you clear the chamber soon after taking the hits like a spoon. You can discover a variety of weed accessories and cannabis strains by visiting Get White Palm to get the desired experience.

The Right Style of Bubbler

Bubbler pipes come in a variety of styles and they vary in terms of features. One of the most popular bubbler styles is the hammer-shaped with a big chamber, mouthpiece and 90-degree angle. The Sherlock-style pipe is another popular one which has a vertical body and curved mouthpiece. You can even find double and triple bubblers as well as silicone and metallic ones. Whatever style you choose, the bubbler provides percolation in a compact design as compared to a bong. Apart from this, each style focuses on a specific feature like aesthetic or durability

Cleaning the Bubbler

A majority of bubbler pipes come as a single-piece glass accessory without any detachable components. There are also modern bubblers that feature removable downstems and other fancy parts. If your bubbler has detachable parts, cleaning it is pretty easy. However, a regular bubbler can be somewhat tricky to clean and demands some care. The simplest way to clean a tool is soaking the entire piece overnight to get your chamber and downstem cleaned. A thick glass pipe can be cleaned by pouring hot water into it. This will liquefy the dirt inside and clean the entire pipe as the water passes through it.

Getting the Best Bubbler Experience

Using a clean, convenient, loaded bubbler pipe assures that you get a pleasurable smoking experience as you take the hits. The most amazing thing about the experience is that it gives no drag. You experience smooth and flavourful hits instantly without any heat. Bubblers are designed to let you enjoy the best of both worlds. Smoking from a bubbler pipe delivers the pure flavor and the amazing experience of taking hits from a bowl.